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iSystems Design Lab exploits the followings with applications to electro-mechanic and manufacturing systems.

  • immune engineering for self-sustainable system and maintenance-free machine design
  • industrial AI for smart manufacturing
  • industrial internet of things (IIoT) for edge computing
  • informatics for visualization and machine health monitoring

iSystems Design Lab requires interdisciplinary engineering fields:

  • statistics, probability, and optimization
  • machine learning and deep learning
  • discrete signal processing and control
  • mechanical and electrical design skills


Funded Research Projects

  1. co-PI, “Smart State Monitoring System for Maintenance of Ship Rotating Machinery,” KEIT, Korea. July 2017.
  2. PI, “Development of a Gas Turbine PHM System using Multivariate and Sequential Data,” KEPRI, Korea. July 2017
  3. co-PI, “AI-based Unconventional Architecturing Technologies for Hybrid-scale Micro-/Nano-structures,” UNIST, Korea. June 2017.
  4. PI, “A Deep Learning Framework for Motion Classification,” Samsung Electronics, Korea. Feb. 2017
  5. co-PI, “Development of an Intelligent Diagnosis and Automatic Control Software Platform for Smart Factory,” UNIST, Korea. Feb. 2017
  6. co-PI, “Vision-based BIW ID Recognition at Automotive Painting Shop,” Small and Medium Business Administration, Korea. Nov. 2016
  7. PI, “Development of Diagnostics Algorithm using Deep Learning on Acoustic Signals,” Samsung Electronics, Korea. Sep. 2016
  8. PI, “3D Printing Monitoring Systems and Control Algorithms for Minimal Manufacturing Deformation in Automotive Industries,” National Research Foundation, Korea. June 2016
  9. co-PI, “Industrial Robot Health Monitoring Systems using Big Data and IoT Sensors,” National IT Industry Promotion Agency, Korea. May 2016
  10. PI, “Development of PHM Algorithms and Monitoring Systems, Phase II: Virtual Machine for Machine Prognostics,” Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Korea. Nov. 2014
  11. PI, “Anomaly Detection of Fan Vibration in Power Plants,” Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Korea. Nov. 2014
  12. PI, “Prognostics of Plant BOP Rotational Machinery using Vibration Signals,” Doosan Heavy Industries, Korea. Nov. 2014
  13. PI, “Prognostics Health Management (PHM) Algorithm Development and PHM System Implementation,” Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Korea. Feb. 2014
  14. Co-PI, “Strategic Program of Interdisciplinary Human & Systems Engineering for Technologically Driven Human-Centered Factories of the Future,” BK21 Plus, Korea. Sep. 2013
  15. PI, “Development of Self-Diagnostic Algorithm in a MLCC Stacker,” UNIST, Korea. July 2013